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In the VOTE column, fill in YES (to vote FOR) NO (against) or ABSTAIN (not sure). IMPORTANT: All blanks must be filled in. Please highlight, copy and paste all to an email to megawatt

|||||||| Malaysia AOP1
babydaisy Asian AOP2
bcda Asian AOP1
callmetat Chinese2 AOP2
callmetat Malaysia AOP2
chinese_e Chinese2 AOP2
cindy_0000 Singapore AOP3
estella Singapore AOP1
fusion16 malaysia HOP
gal Singapore AOP2
grass Malaysia AOP3
ivyn Malaysia AOP1
j3ssica Philippines AOP1
jing-jing Singapore HOP
jynn Singapore HOP
jynn Thailand AOP2
lee Philippines AOP1
marco_2002 Thailand AOP3
niko Singapore HOP
nocturne Malaysia AOP2
nocturne Singapore AOP2
rain^_^ Malaysia AOP1
rigor Chinese2 AOP1
rigor Malaysia HOP
sai Malaysia AOP2
sam_mui Chinese2 AOP3
sam_mui Malaysia AOP3
sam_mui Singapore AOP3
sillymoo Indonesia AOP2
syh Singapore AOP2
taesake Malaysia AOP1
twin Chinese2 AOP3
twin Malaysia AOP3
twin Singapore HOP
whywhy^20^ Asian AOP3
whywhy^20^ Chinese2 AOP3
whywhy^20^ Malaysia AOP3
yiyi` Malaysia HOP
yiyi` Singapore AOP2
zazi_angel Philippines AOP1

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