Besides being bound by the RULES and Guidelines set-forth for OTEAM members, SOPs are also subject to the followings:
ALL SOP discussions should be held in #OPSROOM. All discussions are to be confidential and should not be shared with any of the AOPs / HOPs or chatters.


Should there be a dispute among SOPs or a difference in opinion, the matter is to be resolved soonest possible. SOPs must work together to solve any problem, be it personal or administrative. SOPs have to show a matured attitude towards one another fitting the positions they have been given.

Should an administrative dispute occur, all parties will have the right to their say. At the end, a vote will be taken as to the best course of action. In the event that the matter cannot be resolved, the logs are to be sent to the founder who will decide what next to do. Once a decision is finalised all SOPs are to adhere to it. Renegade actions by SOPs will not be tolerated.

SOPs are to hold regular meetings. It's imperative that SOPs reflect the changes they have made as well as discuss future undertakings. That is not to say that minor changes need to be addressed immediately. Minor changes may be emailed to the other SOPs in that case and if need be, addressed in the next scheduled meeting. ALL OPs need to be in the know.


The job of SOPs is NOT just to be regular OPs in any specific channel or channels - that is what AOPs / HOPs are for. ALL channels are your responsibility, equally. SOPs responsibilities should include 'hiring', training and helping AOPs / HOPs. And if need be, fire them as well.

The channels are: Asian, Chinese2, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


SOPs may give tasks to AOPs / HOPs. However no task is to be given to AOPs / HOPs that the SOPs can handle easily themselves. The AOPs / HOPs have their own set of responsibilities and are there to help when necessary, not to take over duties and responsibilities of SOPs.

A task given by one SOP is to be monitored and seen through by the SOP that gave the task. There will be no shifting of this responsibility to the other SOPs. If SOPs are unable to see it to the end, they should not commit to handing out the task to begin with.

SOPs are to note actions performed or done well by AOPs / HOPs and points given to them according to how well they performed. These points are to be given only in the case of exceptional performance outside of their duties as AOPs / HOPs. These may come into consideration in the event that new appointments need to be created.

No more than one SOP may be opped in the same channel at the same time. Should an unopped SOP be required to take action he can do so either through Chanserv or through the channel's resident bots.

Treat AOPs / HOPs with respect - They are required to do as you say, however, that does not make them your personal toy soldiers. Like you, they have put in their personal time to be here to do a sometimes-thankless job. They are to be treated with respect and given the benefit of the doubt. Strong talk should be reserved for when really necessary and any punishment should befit the crime.

All AOPs / HOPs are equal. Do not pick favourites. And do not think that they won't notice unequal treatment. Example, if there is a tiff in #singapore between two AOPs, don't chastise one in the channel and the other in private.


SOPs must be supervisors - As with any organisation comprising humans, there will be occasional trouble between members. It is the responsibility of every SOP to properly handle those occasions, not just sit there and allow things to get worse.

Opping AOPs or voicing chatters are NOT a SOP's primary function. A SOP will sometimes be called upon to mediate disagreements. This is a SOP's job. And on rare occasions, it may be necessary to kick and/or deop them from the channels. Any SOP that cannot do ALL of his/her job, unfairly places extra work on the other SOPs because other SOPs must do it instead. Any SOP that cannot do all of their job, is not meant to be a SOP.


Besides being jointly responsible and answerable to all the above fuctions and rules, the main functions for SOPs are divided into 5 principal areas. However, do note that all these efforts are team efforts and major decisions are to be agreed upon by the SOP team.
SECURITY - Headed by bose
Recommends and enforces security measures in channels. (This does not mean other SOPs or AOPs should not make an effort to secure the chatrooms when need be.)
Trains AOPs and HOPs on Chanserv and Bots commands in respect to security issues.
Ensures no security issues are breached by the AOPs / HOPs or the chatters.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Headed by aby
Assist AOPs and HOPs in promoting the chatrooms.
Guide AOPs and HOPs regarding IRC etiquette so as to create a friendly environment in the chatrooms (without compromising on the RULES).
Recommends and see through implementation of new promotional concepts. (eg. room forum, games, music etc.)
Maintains harmony between sister channels.
Organizes events when chatters visit from other countries.
Maintains and removes irrelevant postings in chatroom forums

SYSTEM & BOT MAINTENANCE - Headed by zeneca
Maintenance of all bots in the chatrooms.
Ensuring proper ID of channels and bot nicks are done regularly
Recommends and implement new bot features.

ADMINISTRATION - Headed by gold
Training of new AOPs and HOPs
Retraining and Counselling of AOPs and HOPs
Maintain the channel Entry messages
Maintain the channel Topics
Recommends and enforces channel administrative procedures

SECRETARIAT - Headed by siris
Convenes all main meetings
Chairs all main SOPs and AOPs / HOPs meetings
Prepares the minutes for each meeting
Updates the SOP AOP and HOP rules and regulations


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